Why Physics?

Physics as one guidepost to purpose and living in oneness.


the study of “nature” or the “nature of things”
a science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions
the physical processes and phenomena of a particular system

There was a time when we saw reality as a whole. Time moved, and knowledge disentangled into multiple subcategories of the study of nature.  

My definition of Physics - the study of nature - is still the study of nature as a whole, sending me on the journey of the questions: 

“Why are we here, and what are we going to do about it?”

Emergence of new technologies and changes in the environment of the human as well as our current conceptions of success - being famous, rich, or unique - brought us into a race neglecting purpose, meaning, and truth for society as a whole. In our race, nihilism rose to the top, with which our current story of humanity cannot cope.

The above questions are about redefining the human story and where we are going as humankind – re-centering conceptions of success through truth-seeking and knowledge exploration.

I believe that if we brought humanity together towards a shared purpose and goal, then we could achieve great things - living effectively with the changes and our creations. 

We need a holistic perspective at the center of the human story, alive for a vision using the higher qualities of life – truth, exploration, hope, curiosity, love, wonder, creativity, and more. 
Let us reach for the stars again and solve the puzzle nature has given us, instead of focusing on the subsystem we decide to stay in. 

A further exploration of these things & what I see are way beyond the scope of this text. but I am writing a paper on analyzing the current system and what we should do about it. If you’re interested in it, you can reach out to me at: aidabaradari@college.harvard.edu.

My study of physics is the study of fundamentals of nature as one step towards building such a perspective & a more connected world – a world in which humanity is one and in which we write a new, better story of humanity withthe knowledge of the fundaments, lessons of the past, philosophies that emerged, variables that we can see, and more. Through the study, we can apply wisdom effectively from the past to the present.

One way I have explored is seeing the connection between how we can use physics concepts as a higher-level understanding of our life.