Aida Baradari

“Let the universe guide you, my friend.”

At the foundation of my being is a creative builder,
explorer of the universe and its ways,
a musician playing the strings of the heart,
and a friend to be found.

My favorite questions usually start with “Why?
and can be about anything, from history & society to the natural sciences and technology, all leading to the question of  Why are we here?,
“What are we going to do about it?”, and “How could the world be?”

On the journey of these question, I’m interested in modeling the world as a whole system, rather than being stuck in the sub-systems of our immediate circles – the interpersonal drama, the strive for individual wealth, and much more.

With my studies in
Physics and Computer Science, I learn to approach things from first principles, while applying them in what I invent. Simultaneously, I am able to explore different approaches to the world (and its problems): from thinking about things scientifically to the spiritual realm to thinking in systems. 

I am currently in: Cambridge, MA

I care about: the fundamentals (oneness), our ability to change (ourselves and our emergent creations), the intersection of the real and the imaginary (bringing our ideas into reality), and interpersonal connection (love, healing).

I work on them through:  thought experiments, simulations, wearable technology, A.I., human-computer and human-human systems, conversation, emergent & (old) tech, and more...

Some interesting things I have done...

Augmentation Lab - a collective developing human-centric methods, practices, and systems for human augmentation.

An AR controlled supernumerary limb
An Empathy Machine
Augmentation Residency
the first makerspace in a local rural region in Germany
predicting the future of opensource wearable AI. 

If you like thinking about physics, art & technology, consciousness, philosophy, and things out of the ordinary, find me here: or on twitter: @aidaxbaradari!